To create product experience at POS requires understanding, communication skill and motivation. Sounds like it was invented for the people at mks. We know our personnel very well on the basis of the detailed mks profiling. Whether language skills, affinity to particular products, oratory skills, key areas of training/education or hobbies, we let you know this information about the people who make up your promotion team. That's what makes the mks promotion team more successful than most. We are delighted to tell you about the advantages you can enjoy when you work with us.

How much mks is in you?
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Project managers at mks know what's important. Their own experience and constant professional development ensure that your promotional campaign is carried out reliably and with success.

Has your decision to implement a promotional campaign been at short notice? We can help at short notice. The mks database is one of the largest in Germany and holds people with the following specialisations who are ready for your promotional job:

  • Sampling
  • Sales promotion/active sales
  • Competition support
  • Interviewers
  • People to explain products
  • Guerrilla marketers

Every year new forms of promotion are being developed worldwide, which have direct contact between brand and consumer at their core. We keep our knowledge up to date and offer you the whole spectrum of promotional forms:

  • Sampling
  • POS
  • Tasting
  • Costume promotion
  • Roadshows
  • Trade fairs
  • Product presentations/Market introductions /etc.
  • Festival promotion, club promotion

The best way to learn about our service is by taking a look at projects we have already completed. The case studiesshow how we have gone about solving our clients' special requests in the past with specific examples. Be inspired for your event!