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Agency Mission Statement

mks – Agency for exhibitions and events – is your partner for personnel at national and international exhibitions, events, promotions and roadshows. Our portfolio is being extended to exhibition catering with individual concepts. With a successful market presence spanning more than three decades, we are among the most experienced exhibition and event support service providers in the industry today. We know that service and advice for exhibitions and events are particularly sensitive areas which are crucial to success. Our aim is for you to be able to relax and fully concentrate on conversations with your guests and customers, as mks personnel make sure that everything runs smoothly, look after your guests and present your brand in a professional manner.
In all that we do, we are committed to our principles which shape cooperation both within our team and with you.


"You have a clear head to concentrate on your guests and we take care of the rest"

That is our goal for a successful event. You can rely on the best support possible in the run up to and during your event so that you can concentrate on your customers and guests.


"Our permanent and contract staff are always up-to-date"

Regular training and continued education of our staff guarantees the high standard of service from mks.

"Competent consultation is essential to every event"

We take the time to plan the details and procedures of your event with you. We develop the specific requirements with you which are communicated to personnel on-site. We train our staff in accordance with your specifications so there will be no unpleasant surprises during the event.


"Working hand in hand comes naturally to us"

One of the most important goals of our personnel policy is to achieve successful teamwork between mks staff. Each team member is able to rely on every other team member and the success of an event is the ultimate goal of all team members. Achieving this goal requires experience, diversity and continuity in teamwork. The majority of permanent and contract mks employees have been part of the team for more than ten years and therefore have at their disposal the valuable assets of experience and routine.

"We make the impossible possible"

Even short notice and unusual requests from customers do not phase us. We are reachable around the clock in the run up to and during your event via mobile or on-site. Our staff are experienced in dealing with unpredictable tasks in a flexible, confident manner.

"Our work is always transparent"

We work on a legally verifiable work, tax, and social security foundation in the interests of everyone. We have an indefinite permit to supply temporary workers given by the regional employment office in Düsseldorf. We place great importance on legal security, in our interest as well as yours. Therefore we complete an employee supply agreement with you for an optimal, legal basis for work. Hostesses and hosts are employed by us on a short-term basis. They receive our all-inclusive fees, which already have income tax, liability insurance and contributions to the industrial injury insurance fund taken into account, as well as complete cost certainty and transparency. We make sure that everything runs smoothly and no difficulties arise should there be tax office, health insurance fund and trade association audits. We leave the choice to you as whether we offer you services on the basis of a service contract or a temporary employee supply agreement. We’d be happy to outline for you which form of contract would correspond best to your needs.

Case Studies

The best way to learn about our service is by taking a look at projects we have already completed. The case studiesshow how we have gone about solving our clients’ special requests in the past with specific examples. Be inspired for your event!