Personnel for Your Exhibition Stand

How much mks is in you?
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Always a Friendly Welcome

With our hosts/catering we place great emphasis on professionalism, friendliness and teamwork. All our ladies and men speak at least English, most having additional foreign language skills, so that they can be employed at international exhibitions or with international clients.

Our service promise

  • tailored selection of stand personnel
  • planning of personnel and catering needs on request based on a stand plan and/or catering concept
  • personal support from your mks consultant at the exhibition
  • on-site personnel briefing
  • your mks project manager can be contacted 24/7
  • implementation of special requests

How we ensure quality

Allow us the pleasure of explaining why our mks service philosophy makes the difference.

  • Personal support
    Your mks project manager is on-site at the exhibition and briefs the personnel, as well as implementing any special requests.
  • Flexible organisation
    Your mks project manager can be contacted 24/7. When you’re dealing with a multi-layered project there are many details which will need to be organised to perfection.
  • Cooperative implementation
    We are happy to work in cooperation with other partners – from stand building to catering.
  • Quality selection of personnel
    Our personnel have the right qualifications for the different areas of support required for your exhibition stand. These have been validated through personal contact before candidates are accepted onto our database.We go to such a high level of effort for one specific reason, that is,to create the perfect conditions for the perfect choice for your stand personnel.

Specialised and Diverse

In the mks pool you’ll find the following qualifications:

  • Service personnel
  • Washing up staff
  • Hostesses/hosts
  • Exhibition personnel
  • Interpreters
  • Bar staff
  • Baristas
  • Promoters
  • Kitchen staff
  • Product consultants
  • Hostesses/hosts for taking care of guests, information, guest seating, sales, VIP service, admission control, cloakroom


Full Service from Clothing to Overnight Stays

mks equips hostesses and hosts with clothing which they can pick out individually through the clothing configurator. As we work with local personnel, there are normally no travel and accommodation costs for the hostesses and hosts in exhibition cities.

You can choose from the following model clothing ranges:

  • Business
    Elegant Etui clothes, costumes or classic-modern trouser suits. Ideal for information and looking after guests
  • Bistro
    Styles have different colour combinations for different services.
  • Traditional Bavarian dress
    Consisting of traditional “dirndl” dress, blouse and pinafore
  • Promo
    Striking and trendy

Guaranteed and Legally Secure Service

mks stands for guaranteed service provision and legally secure employment with hostesses and hosts.

Special requirements?

Moderators, Presenters and Interpreters from mks
Whether it’s product presentations or entertaining evenings, our trained moderators and product presenters will lead your programme with dynamism. Our interpreters will provide support for your conversations with foreign guests with professionalism and reliability. They are masters of small talk as much as sophisticated business negotiations.

Case Studies

The best way to learn about our service is by taking a look at projects we have already completed. The Case Studies show how we have gone about solving our clients’ special requests in the past with specific examples. Be inspired for your event!